Sokoa 50 ans


Founded in 1971 in Hendaye, SOKOA, the French leader in office chairs and seating solutions, celebrates its 50th anniversary this year.

An anniversary marked by key moments, celebrated until June 2022 and which allows us to remember an exceptional collective and human adventure, built with solid values and a unifying project. It is also an opportunity to think about prospects and the future with resolution, humility and enthusiasm, and especially to thank those who have allowed SOKOA this unique journey and who still keep it alive today and contribute to its success every day.

1971 ...

In a Basque Country that continues to be largely rural, very little industrial and little job generator, a new spirit is blowing on the banks of the Bidasoa.

Citizens and activists, convinced that to decide their future it is best to take charge and write it down, allow Patxi NOBLIA to found SOKOA in Hendaye. The goal and ambition are clear: the creation of long-term and local jobs based on popular and local savings.

2021 ...

50 years later, what could be perceived as a utopia has become a dazzling reality and a true success. SOKOA is today the French leader and one of the European leaders in office chairs and seating solutions for professionals.

Faithful following our original values, we employ 260 people in Hendaye and 650 at the SOKOA Group level, mainly in France.

And from now on we design, produce and market well-being at work for thousands of people from the Basque Country.

SOKOA also remains an atypical, not to say unique, popular and local shareholder model. In the hands of more than 1,100 shareholders, of which almost 90% are individuals and none owns more than 2% of the company, the capital of the company is open to anyone who wishes to invest in a local company open to the world, combining wealth creation, equitable profit sharing and management transparency. This offers SOKOA the great luxury of reasoning and acting in the long term.

During this half-century, SOKOA has also known how to go beyond its profession and be an actor and stakeholder in local initiatives, always in this desire to feed the Basque Country and create jobs. These are all concrete manifestations of SOKOA's territorial anchoring: HERRIKOA for solidarity investment capital, LURZAINDIA and EUSKAL HERRIKOA LABORANTZA GANBARA for local and sustainable agriculture, I-ENER and ENARGIA for renewable energies or even ESTIA for education and research.

Tomorrow ...

SOKOA with its rich past and strong culture, is committed to its second fiftieth anniversary. There are many advantages: a healthy company with strong foundations, loyal customers and partners, benevolent and plural shareholders, relevant market positioning and products, and abundant motivated talents. This leads us to have faith in the future of the company and to approach it with confidence and determination.

This is how SOKOA has just invested 4.5 million euros in new facilities, also in Hendaye, with the same purpose of generating long-term and local employment.

These 50 years are a privileged time to remember and say who we are, but also to set the course, choose where we want to go to continue the fantastic collective adventure that is SOKOA, in accordance with our historical values.

Elkar ! Together !

50 years of history and innovation